Đăng ký tham dự hội thảo REI 11/2019

REI (Resource Exchange International) Seminar is back with more exciting topics relating to business and soft skills. This time, our REI experts will be here at ISB on 19, 21 and 22 November to enrich you with knowledge and skills.

The upcoming seminars consisting of many interesting topics are as follows:  

Seminar 1:
So Who Are You Anyway? Knowing Makes All the Difference
Through this seminar, you will gain knowledge about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). It is one of the world’s most popular personality tests. It gives ones a way of discovering your preferences in four big areas: how are you energized, how do you take in information, how do you make decisions and how do you want your life to be structured. You will discover how knowing yourself and others can truly increase your overall effectiveness.
– Time: Tuesday, 19/11, 08:30 AM
– Venue: A1.03, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., D3
Seminar 2:
Mastering Time Management
This class is designed to give practical guidances on how to manage your time, to prioritize your activities and to set up an effective schedule for your studying, working and participating in events. Through the guidance of Professors, students will have great opportunities to learn and practice useful time management skills.
– Time: Thursday, 21/11, 08:30 AM
– Venue: A2.12, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., D3
Seminar 3:
Be the Leader that Others will Follow
This class provides a broad introduction of leadership styles as well as practical guidances to have an effective leadership style. You will deep down to the concept of Situational Leadership in terms of different work environments, situations and people.
– Time: Thursday, 21/11, 01:00 PM- Venue: A2.12, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., D3
Seminar 4:
U.S.A and China Trade War & Opportunities for Vietnam
This lecture will begin with a study of the political economy of the United States, followed by an overview of China’s economic growth strategy.
– Time: Friday, 22/11, 08:30 AM
– Venue: V.11, 232/6 Vo Thi Sau St., D3
Seminar 5:
Interview Skills
In this section, we will discuss some of the basic mistakes to avoid in an interview. Then we go deeper about some of the specific expectations that a western interviewer will have as well as typical questions. The course includes some “hands-on” practice for you as a potential candidate for a position. The first half of this class will be an introduction to the interviewing process and then the second half will be on interview preparation and goals. Students will conduct mock interviews to practice the skills presented.
– Time: Friday, 22/11, 01:00 PM
– Venue: A3.06, 59C Nguyen Dinh Chieu St., D3
As slots are limited and it will be filled up really fast, so hurry up & secure your slot today! 
We look forward to seeing you!