Humber’s Virtual Global Summer courses online

Humber’s Virtual Global Summer School is for curious and passionate students, faculty and educators ready to take on world issues in creative short-term courses, completely online! This year, the program runs from July 5 to 23, 2021.  
Participants from UEH are warmly invited to join the program. Please share these resources with participants who may be interested. All participants will receive a certificate of completion for the course. The current application deadline is May 15, 2021.  
Humber’s Virtual Global Summer School Website 
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We have 10 different course options, each of which is 3 weeks with a mix of synchronous live elements and self-directed modules that allow participants from every time zone to participate. Note that two of these courses are specifically directed to faculty and educators: Designing for Learning in Digital Environments and International Teaching Effectiveness.
This summer we are bringing the social activities into the virtual environment too with a full social calendar! Participants will be paired in small teams and complete different challenges, along with global karaoke, games night, and live streams from around the world!